The team at WCG is dedicated to the success of our clients as individuals and organizations, and is equipped with the tools necessary to make that a reality. Learn more about some of our partners below:

Managing Partner & Consultant

WCG Headshot ROSS BIRCHALL Professional Web Optimized

As Managing Partner of Wellesley Consulting Group (WCG), and with extensive experience in marketing, business development, strategic planning and sales, Ross has been directly involved in providing a wide array of consulting services to individuals, businesses, non-profit and service organizations spanning various sectors, as well as private and government bodies.

He is a proud Rotarian, having served as Sergeant-at-Arms and recently appointed President-Elect with his local Rotary Club, and has devoted time to several boards including the Prince George Hospice Society, is a regular commentator on a radio program and podcast, and takes part in many more community-based initiatives.

He thrives on capacity-building and empowerment with individuals and organizations, and working with clients to identify service gaps and find ways to fill them. Ross is proud to have developed a a well-rounded team of professionals under WCG to share their respective skills and areas of expertise with clients on a variety of projects and/or initiatives.

Partner & Health Policy Consultant

WCG Headshot ROANNE WHITTICASE Professional Web Optimized

Roanne has extensive experience in the arts and culture sector in British Columbia, stemming from her love for music and passion for community engagement. Through her work on revitalization programs and philanthropy efforts, Roanne has developed a unique skill set that focuses on community development with emphasis on public and stakeholder engagement.

Her experience working with the provincial government and forestry sector to recruit and retain skilled foreign workers allowed Roanne the opportunity to consult first-hand with recent immigrants and public sector organizations to identify some of the key cultural and lifestyle challenges faced by many new Canadians, and design a gateway to employment and hiring opportunities for both immigrants and employers.

As a consultant with WCG, Roanne has worked on several projects concerning policy and outreach, as well as the socioeconomic and cultural influences on health and service delivery.

Partner, Business Development & Sales Consultant

WCG Headshot JORDAN DUNCAN Professional Web Optimized

Biography coming soon.

Partner, Special Project Consultant

WCG Headshot HARRISON SMITH Professional Web Optimized

With an education in political science and international studies, Harrison has experience in public sector engagement and economic development as it pertains to natural resource expansion. His professional background includes business development, community relations and expansion work, political analysis, and more.

As a consultant with WCG, Harrison has worked on several projects involving political strategizing, public consultation, intergovernmental relations, material design and development, and the creation of corporate citizenship and operational policies in the private sector.

Partner, Human Resources Consultant

WCG Headshot TYSHEINA MCCOY Professional Web Optimized

With an education and background in human resources and psychology, Tysheina has experience in several areas such as recruitment, project management and reporting, research and office administration.

Tysheina has worked closely with the majority of First Nations in North-Western B.C. and in several industrial sectors focusing on economic and community development with cultural influence, and has a passion for personal relations: exceeding business objectives, eradicating barriers (both fiscal and social) for individuals and organizations, and developing strategies to meet and exceed targets.

As a consultant with WCG, Tysheina has worked on several projects involving outreach, technology, recruitment and material design/development.

Partner, Market Research & Planning Consultant

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